Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Human is very down to earth. Really easy to talk to. I personally resonate with the paleo/primal lifestyle, and he is a medical professional that gets it! This is so refreshing! Too many times in my life I have uttered an alternative idea to a doctor only to have them look at me like I have three eyes. I really feel like he is going to help me get to the bottom of some health issues I've been experiencing. I am very pleased with my experience."

- Anonymous

"So glad to be treated so fast with genuine honesty and concern. I did wait about an hour, but that's no fault of the office as it's because I was early. The only area of elevation I would suggest is for them to reduce amount of new patient paperwork- much it was repetitive info (such as my symptoms 2-3 times, a quiz that slightly made my head hurt as with bronchitis I really was feeling much up to doing math this morning. ). Other than this I would rate the team a perfect 10- and will keep Dr. Human for sure as a general practitioner. He has a gift for relating well to his patients and is a wealth of relevant knowledge to share."

-Jessica A.

"He is a wonderful Doctor! He takes time with his patients, he's very caring and I can tell he loves his job!"

- Tammy S.

"Doctor Human was very thorough and took the time to listen before providing treatment. Also discussed different treatment options."

- Anonymous

"Very professional yet personally caring. This was my first visit so that meant alot to me. Doctor Human was knowledgeable, understanding, and listened to my thoughts and concerns. The staff was friendly and efficient. Couldn't have asked for more!"

- Kevin B.

"I have always been an active person who takes good care of herself. However, I have had what most people would consider minor health problems over the past seven years that have had a dramatic impact on my life. The doctors I’d gone to for help couldn’t seem to recognize my symptoms as a pattern, or indicative of a possible systemic problem. Finally, I found My D.O., who turned out to be the best doctor I could possibly have found!"

- Kelly I.

"I have suffered from fibromyalgia and the pain that ensues from it for about 30 years. It seemed that hardly a day ever went by that at least one part of my body wasn’t in pain. Former physicians I went to apparently didn’t know much about the disease. After being recommended by two friends to contact and go to my D.O., she quickly brought about relief with osteopathic manipulative treatment. Two years later, I am virtually pain free."

- Janet G.

"I have twisted and jerked my back, causing my sciatic nerve to spasm, several times. When I visit my D.O., he spends at least 15 minutes with me per visit. He is very thorough and really cares about my health."

- Ralph T.


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